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Joachim Althammer

Founder & Managing Director

The Edelweiss Mountain Trophy, also known as Roßfeldrennen, combines two of my passions.

Firstly, the cultivation of historic motorsport as a cultural asset. I love old sports cars, racing cars and motorbikes and there is nothing better for me than to see them in action and share my passion with everyone.

Secondly, I have been involved in the inclusion and integration of people with disabilities since an accident that cost me my left foot.

I can combine both wonderfully with the events I organise, the family-oriented Edelweiss Classic and its sporting sister, the Edelweiss Mountain Trophy.

We have generated about 1.03 million euros with these events so far, which benefit institutions supporting people with disabilities in the district. That makes me proud and happy at the same time.

Due to the pandemic-related cancellations of the Edelweiss Mountain Trophy 2020 and 2021 as well as the ongoing costs and liabilities, the event is now on the brink of financial collapse despite the help of my private assets.

Help me and don’t let this homage to historic motorsport die!

Help me to let this wonderful motorsport
time travel to take place in the future as well.

Logo Internationaler Edelweiß-Bergpreis Roßfeld Berchtesgaden

The Edelweiss Mountain Trophy
Historic motor sport in the middle of the Bavarian mountains

For the fans

Experience racing legends from the front row!

Historic vehicles will be piloted up the race track of yesteryear. Sometimes even by the drivers of the time. For spectators, especially motorsport fans, this presentation of automotive gems is a real experience.

Embedded in a fitting ambience, a magic is created here which is hard to escape.

For the drivers

Master the magic mountain!

At the Edelweiss Mountain Trophy, we celebrate our love of the high-horsepower bolides. And on one of the most scenic race tracks Germany has to offer. Master the mountain, talk shop with like-minded people and enjoy the familiar atmosphere.

All of this makes the Edelweiss Mountain Prize a real highlight for motorsport enthusiasts!

For the history books

Motorsport history
at your fingertips!

Service vehicles, race transporters and emergency vehicles from the period form the stage set for the paddock. Car manufacturers and collectors bring their jewels to Berchtesgaden.

Prominent contemporary witnesses such as racing drivers, speakers and officials contribute to an impressive atmosphere in addition to the authentic decoration.

The Edelweiss Mountain Trophy donates the profits to support people with disabilities.
I can't imagine a more beautiful purpose for a motorsport event!

At the beginning of 2020, all was still well with the world and drivers and fans of historic motorsport were looking forward to the highlight in autumn: as usual, the already legendary Edelweiss Mountain Trophy was to take place on the Roßfeld on the last weekend in September.

The starting field was already fixed (peppered with absolute automotive rarities) and ticket sales had started very well. Then came Corona. And the anxiety began. After numerous sleepless nights and even more discussions with those responsible and experts, I decided on 16 April 2020 to postpone it until 2021. It was foreseeable that we would not be allowed/able to hold the event with spectators.

The financial resources were sufficient to bridge the gap until 2021. This should ensure the continuation of the “International Edelweiss Mountain Award Roßfeld Berchtesgaden”. This plan seemed to work until January/February 2021. But the stagnation of the vaccination campaign and the rising numbers of infections threw all planning out of gear.

It was like 2020. Sleepless nights again and even more conversations. Both from the financial and the organisational side, a continuation of the plans in autumn 2021 would lead to insolvency and the end of the Edelweiss Mountain Trophy. That would be the end of this wonderful event. So exactly one year later, again on 16 April, I announced the postponement for another year.

Until now, I have been able to keep the event afloat with the reserves of the Edelweiss Classic Stiftungs-GmbH, and in the end also with my private assets and savings. These have been used up in their entirety.

I can no longer pay the running costs and obligations without outside capital. Normal business operations are no longer possible until the rescue event in 2022.

And so with this appeal I turn to all fans, friends, participants and previous sponsors of the event: Help me to save the Edelweiss Mountain Trophy with your donation.











This is how you can help us:

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With a one-time or a monthly donation you help the EdelweissClassic Stiftungs-GmbH to cope with its running costs!

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